Colourful Day

If the fishes in the water could talk, they probably would say the bunch of fishes below are a happy group. Ever wonder which is more free? The fishes or the birds? Maybe both in their own way. I found an old colourless pattern and polished it to gave a touch of live. 


First blog post for 2015

Happy New Year 2015, I could only say that I have a blast, a really good, full on holiday in Melbourne, too tired that I got sick on the last day but hey the 12 hours train has a reason to be there, I rest, sleep and eat, I am well when I am home. Thanks to my friend who insisted me to bring along some food that I have a delicious dinner after a long day in the train. 

Days well spend in Melbourne, I met with old friends and new friends, it feels so great to be able to talk freely, in Indonesian and Hookien ;). And they somehow expect me to move there one day and I am thankful for that. So what I did in Melbourne, exploring the city, hiking, get to the top of the hill and down to the beaches, fishing trout, eating fresh cooked fishes, enjoying beautiful food & coffee, always 2 round of feeding when it comes to home made food, picnic, Christmas party crasher of several hmm... feel bad but enjoy it XOXO. 

Now, I am back in Adelaide and trying to redesign and reorganise my website, not much luck yet I would say, will put some times to know more about html and css so that this site will look more beautiful ;). In the mean time hope that you enjoy some lettering that I did last year (not long ago), just for fun project. I intend to do more this year. Until next time, cheers.


Another Lovely Day

Hi All, hopefully everyone is doing well and have a lovely day every single day :). For the last 7 months has been a very hectic work life period of my life but also the most satisfying period to date, I don't realise how much I have done until everything kind of cool down. I somehow getting used to the pace that I don't mind to be into it but I know it's time to change too. At some point I could see a repetitions of my life patterns, I want to change and get out of that circle. Many unfinished projects and too many goals, nothing in my bucket lists are being ticked.

So I forced myself to change, prepared to tick boxes and get things done. :)
The good news is I will be going to Melbourne this December taking the train (one box ticked), I am preparing new bucked list for next year, a refined one hahha, more focus and acknowledge that I will be able to achieve them.

I have no new work to show thou, but I have prepared my old work with new look, this one has been sitting for quite long waiting to get to know the world, so here it  is.

I love the character design that I created like a decade ago, yes that long, "Cherie Reve", I am preparing for her come back now, with Christmas coming, sure she would love to crash the party.

Make sure you have a lovely day too today. XOXO


New Start In Adelaide, Australia

Hello All, another long break from me :P, not intended to do so but somehow things just happened. Really glad that today I got the chance to write something after so long.
My journey to a new place, to satisfied the inner call inside me have finally gain a result. After one year and four months of my time in Adelaide, I finally got a job in a design agency ;). It's been about 3 months now and loving every single day at work :), probably because I am still new and the spirit is up, xoxo, but I would like to live and enjoy it.
Now that things started to go smoothly, I will try to manage my time more properly so that I still have time to do some illustration work.

Haven't got the opportunity to create new work but hopefully soon I have something to show.:)
Until next time, xoxo.


Featured at Tractor Girl Blog

I am happy to share that I am featured at TractorGirl today, its a blog that celebrate art and it's making, so it is an honor to be part of it and I am happy ;). I am as well just move to a new home, where I would say I have a more proper working space with a sky view ;), it's a small unit with big window and makes everything looks wide. My lovely housemate kindly let me use the dining table as my work table ;)). 

I did some interesting work recently and one of them is the tattoo design that I did for a client, the design is for her half back, love the out come and thought I might want to have tattoo some day haha... if you love this illustration style (which I love) and would like to have a custom tattoo design with the style, please get in touch at yenty.jap@gmail.com Cheers ;)

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