Another Lovely Day

Hi All, hopefully everyone is doing well and have a lovely day every single day :). For the last 7 months has been a very hectic work life period of my life but also the most satisfying period to date, I don't realise how much I have done until everything kind of cool down. I somehow getting used to the pace that I don't mind to be into it but I know it's time to change too. At some point I could see a repetitions of my life patterns, I want to change and get out of that circle. Many unfinished projects and too many goals, nothing in my bucket lists are being ticked.

So I forced myself to change, prepared to tick boxes and get things done. :)
The good news is I will be going to Melbourne this December taking the train (one box ticked), I am preparing new bucked list for next year, a refined one hahha, more focus and acknowledge that I will be able to achieve them.

I have no new work to show thou, but I have prepared my old work with new look, this one has been sitting for quite long waiting to get to know the world, so here it  is.

I love the character design that I created like a decade ago, yes that long, "Cherie Reve", I am preparing for her come back now, with Christmas coming, sure she would love to crash the party.

Make sure you have a lovely day too today. XOXO


New Start In Adelaide, Australia

Hello All, another long break from me :P, not intended to do so but somehow things just happened. Really glad that today I got the chance to write something after so long.
My journey to a new place, to satisfied the inner call inside me have finally gain a result. After one year and four months of my time in Adelaide, I finally got a job in a design agency ;). It's been about 3 months now and loving every single day at work :), probably because I am still new and the spirit is up, xoxo, but I would like to live and enjoy it.
Now that things started to go smoothly, I will try to manage my time more properly so that I still have time to do some illustration work.

Haven't got the opportunity to create new work but hopefully soon I have something to show.:)
Until next time, xoxo.


Featured at Tractor Girl Blog

I am happy to share that I am featured at TractorGirl today, its a blog that celebrate art and it's making, so it is an honor to be part of it and I am happy ;). I am as well just move to a new home, where I would say I have a more proper working space with a sky view ;), it's a small unit with big window and makes everything looks wide. My lovely housemate kindly let me use the dining table as my work table ;)). 

I did some interesting work recently and one of them is the tattoo design that I did for a client, the design is for her half back, love the out come and thought I might want to have tattoo some day haha... if you love this illustration style (which I love) and would like to have a custom tattoo design with the style, please get in touch at yenty.jap@gmail.com Cheers ;)


Mix Of News In My Print & Pattern World

Hello Everyone, how is everyone doing, hope all is well, I am suppose to be at my co working space today, but this body is just too lazy to go out, so hopefully today is going to be a productive day, hence being at home and it is raining out there (excuse to stay at home), I am loaded  & need to get things done, so first thing I did after woke up is sit in front of computer ;) booo,,, 

Sometimes I am not sure what I have done in a certain period of time, so writing this blog really help to let me know the time I spend is well worth it. First, I managed to set all things up with my new wordpress site at www.ruseroux.wordpress.com include a little small logo and a quote that I love "I Play With Graphic & Illustrations. It's a one sketch, create, loved logo, what do you think, hope everyone love it too ;).

Second thing I want to share, I am on The Paper Chronicles, I send a greeting card last year to Sarah Schwartz to join the letter writing campaign. Photos before and after she received the card, which is pretty cool to think about ;).

The third things I want to share is that I am on Kekacase ;) Have a few of fun designs for your phone, so please head over and have a look around, they have lots of design to choose from, of course you can always choose mine first ;).

Anymore fun stuff happening  that I forgot to share ??? hmm.... will sure to share with you all soon. Meanwhile, be happy, be kind to one another (this is to remind myself too ;) Until next time, cheers.


Happy Belated New Year 2014

Hello Everyone, felt really sorry for not updating this site as often as I wish, I had some problem with the domain at the end of 2013 and was not able to log in and update and when it is all settled, I am busy with something else that I don't even remember now, bad bad me.
So Happy New Year Everyone, have you made any new year resolution? I kept changing my resolution as a result of exploring the net too much, I know that I have to stop and focus, probably I should just make one resolution, "FOCUS" on one. LOL.
So as you know I am a member of A Fresh Bunch, we have exciting project at the end of last year and as the result, we would like to share it with you all at the very beginning of this year. So please head over to the site and browse around, I am sure you will find lots of interesting work. ;) By the way, the image I show you below is my work, a wish for your new year new resolution, May All Your Wishes Come True.
In the mean time, it's time for me to get back to work, like really work, like sketching and all that. Hope to show some new work to all of you soon. Until then, cheers for now. ;)


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