Live And Flourish : Laozi

I am trying to digest the wisdom above, it is obviously deep for me:), a simple advice about life but probably will change your future, my guess. "What I am?", if I am a selfish person, when I let it go (not selfish anymore, not eating the whole chocolate bar when I know others will want it too), "I become what I might be.", I might become a selfless person, people will love me. ( plus "slim" body) he he..., acceptable to me, or, if I want something so badly, but I could not have it right away, I should not push myself too hard, instead, I let the burden go (not that something) that could make my life easier, always believe and never gave up, I will get what I want. Just go with the flow of life, when there is big block ahead, walk around it, aha... probably that, what do you think? acceptable?


You Warm My Heart Collections

"Hippo Loves Rabbit" is the title of my new work. Spring is in the air in certain part of the world and it's time to grow some flowers, don't you think? :), I believe fresh flowers will brighten up our day by seeing them, well, I could only seeing them through photos as I live in two seasons country and seldom saw fresh flowers, so I am growing it in my work. Hope the simple gesture in my work will warm your heart to as it warms mine.


Little Rabbit forgot his label and ears

I am in the mood of sewing, so what could be a better day to do it than Sunday, with a cup of homemade coffee and egg freshly brewed by my dad, it is just complete. I took out my felt that I have kept for a while and a book that teach how to make a felt toy (decoration) step by step, and I choose to make a rabbit toy. The plan is to make a mobile phone toy decoration with my label "Pangu" on. So I make the template.

I trace out the template onto the felt and start sewing, well, I watch TV and sew it at the time (bad habit but can't get rid of it), by the time I finish up, I forgot to add in my label and the most important part to recognize the toy as a rabbit is the long ears, and I forgot, oh dear.


Is not that bad right? without the ears, he become humans :), I gave it to my sister. Hope she likes it, the first question she ask was, "Can I wash the felt?" I said, yes, sure, just don't brush it I guess, never wash one before thou :).
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