New Type of Product "Graphic Art"

NEW PRODUCT!!! Graphic Art that you could re-size for your art and craft project, made it as greeting card, handmade card, label, book cover, wall art, packaging, scrapbook, bookmark, tag, anything you could think of. Print it on the paper of your choice, print it as many times as you want or alter it and put it in your physical product for sale. Please read the shop rules and regulation for further information.


New Digital stamp in Store

Hi, All, I think I flooded my blog and my store today with so many things, I have all the things prepared for awhile already actually, but I tend to have a habit of planning to put this and that and when, in the waiting, I stop producing too, I don't like my habit and when I realize it I put it all up today what is ready. Hope you are ready for it too.

New Paper Cut Digital Stamp

And here comes the product. The package came with one digital stamp, one pattern sheet and a tutorial.

For more information on the product please visit the store.

New Product Type, "Paper Cut Digital stamp"

Hi, All, today I am going to introduce a new type of product at my Cherie Reve shop, I called it paper cut digital stamp, paper cut art is very popular in the past and usually with lots of delicate details, it is very popular too nowadays with a more elaborate design and modernize. And to start things, I have designed a simple paper cut design for everyone. I have prepared a tutorial which is easy to follow that I will attached in your purchase too :) :
1. You package will came in 4 files including this tutorial. Please read the Term Of Use and this tutorial before starting your project, thank you.
2. One file will be the paper cut digital stamp image which you could resize or flip it horizontally, another one would be a pattern sheet.
3. Both files came in letter size (8.5 inches X 11 inches), print the pattern sheet on one side and the paper cut digital stamp on the other side with your paper choice.
4. Things to prepare are cutter and something hard as a base to do the cutting, you could do it on a cutting mat, glass table, or unused hard board, here I use a mirror (beware that sometimes it will leaves cutting lines on your mirror). 

5. Now let’s start cutting it with your cutter, I would suggest starting it from the inside details of the image because the paper will hold stronger when you do the cutting and cause less damage for first timer.

6. After finish cutting out the inside details, you could cut out the whole image following the outline.

7. Flip it and you will get the finished work. Remember that what you see on your computer screen will be flipped horizontally on the finished product, so if you want your end product to look the other side, you should flip it first before printing it out.

8. Now you could plan how you want to decorate it, make it in cards, invitation, bookmark, wall art, you name it, for me I am framing it and choose the best spot at home to display it.

Happy Creating. :)

Visit Cherie Reve for more new products.

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