Easter Invitation

Hello everyone, it’s a new week again, how are you all doing? Hope everyone is doing well. Last Monday was the Chinese Lunar New Year, so I am having a break from work, computer, facebook and all that, sad enough to found out, after coming back to work, that a friend of mine, an ex-colleague, suddenly pass away during her tour in Europe a few days before Chinese New Year. She is still very young and much loved by friends and family. I felt sorry that I could not pay my respect to her (she reside in Singapore and I am in Indonesia), hope she could rest in peace and her family are all good and well. My prayer for her.

Well,  my 4 days break are full with eating I guess, I have gain a few kg and planning to cut it down back to my teenage weight, is it possible? LOL. Lots of other celebrations are coming up thou, Valentine, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick and then Easter, why on earth I do Easter first rather than Valentine’s artwork, haiz... LOL, I got ideas for Easter, that is why... so today’s  work will be my characters design for Easter. Love what I have come out with, eggs characters in actions. I have also designed it as invitations for Easter day, they are available through my invitation collections at pingg. Please do visit and browse around, if you are in need for Easter invitation or perhaps birthday invitations, they will suit best. Until next time ;)

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