Cherie Reve Is Back To Live

I wonder if anybody remember this short work that I did in the past, it's about a little girl named, "Cherie Reve", the words Cherie Reve are taken from France, which means "Beloved Dream", and I am so obsessed with the character that I created a few artworks with the character with all the whimsical devilish style of her, and started to think what I can do with it, but then it faded away with times, as I don't know how to continue it, what can I do more, bad ME. But now there is a chance to bring it back to live and I am in a full spirit to continue it :). I just partnered with Sandalista and have some of my whimsical artworks to be featured on the site. Sandalista is a company that could custom print your images on a sandal and provide a selection of artwork to choose from too. So thanks to them Cherie Reve is back and hopefully I could show you some more new work of her in the future.:) Meanwhile, please view the work below and if you feels like to have it or have it for someone else, just headed to the site for this special collection. (They also feature other great artworks from artists around the world:)) Thank you and until next time.:)

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