Hello Again

Hello All, I really didn't realize that I have been gone for so long, ups ... :), how are you all been? hope everyone is good an well. Today is the last day of June, meaning tomorrow will be the first day of another half of 2011, what have I achieved in the first half of 2011? Anything change yet in my life? I really wish to answer that questions with positive attitude :) but I would like to put that questions to the end of the year so that I don't have to give any negative answer for now LOL...
I have done some new work recently and would like to share it with you, all work are available for purchase as Tote bag, t-shirt, or art print.


So here are some of my new work, if you like what you see, please visit the link above or on the right side of my blog with link to my shops, hope more are to come, I probably will be gone for another month as I am working on a personal project, hopefully I could finish it faster and will tell you more when it is finish. :)


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