Wonder where should I start, for the very first time I would like to write more on this page.
I am from Indonesia, born in a small town called “Medan” in Sumatera Utara. During my school time, I am not really into anything but quite okay in art, normally when the teacher was teaching something boring, I would doodle, anything, mostly types, putting some decorative flowers around the types. I am not aware that it will affect things I will choose to do in the future. Choosing to learn Graphic design would be the best choice I ever made in my life and then majoring in Illustration, become the best in class (mind you I am the only student in class too XOXO, didn’t learn much from the class). My design career didn’t get too smooth after uni, I distract myself to illustration, luckily I am blessed with a good Senior Illustrator at work to teach me how to use Freehand MX and force myself to keep drawing. Life after that was all spend in a small printing company, working in a small box, ignorance ex-boss (sorry). I am blessed with a survival thought thou, I learn everything by myself and be responsible professionally.

I am a big fan of the movie “Eat, Pray and Love” the part where Julia Robert said about a man kept praying to GOD that he wanted to travel and at last GOD answered, go buy yourself a ticket. Two years ago I got that ticket, I migrated to Adelaide, Australia. I had a choice to migrate to New Zealand, Silver Fern visa is offered to the first 300 applicants every year. I remember sitting in front of my computer waiting for its opening hours early morning at 2am and there I sat and do nothing. I am really happy and exited when I got my ticket to Adelaide, although the very first and half year was a very hard one, there are days that I do was just crying, tons of time thought of packing and just fly back to Indonesia. I know, a slight small extra disaster, I will gave up everything, I recon GOD knows too.

Now, I am working full time as a Graphic designer. Am I a good designer with the best portfolio to show? Big NO, am I yet a good Illustrator like I wish I would be? Big NO. People wonder how I got the job, am I blessed? YES, but I also asked my boss why he employ me, I am happy with the answer and will keep it for myself because it is too precious to share ;P.

I know my bio doesn’t sound charming like I would like to XOXO, but today after being alive for over 30 years, I would say I am still well. With all the un-perfection, I am well to move forward.

IF you happened to stop by this long ABOUT page and really actually reading, thank you very much for reading, now you know me more.
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